Sooo…. how much is it going to cost?

Good question! It depends on what you want, but if you can give me as much as possible: Logo, artwork, photos, content etc, a basic website should cost from around £100. That includes setup, basic SEO and security using free tools… this site would be a good example.

That doesn’t include domain name and hosting – you can either set that up yourself, or I will do it for you. The first year could be as little as £15, depending on what introductory deals are available, but you should expect it to renew at £75 to £100 per year after that. 

Obviously, if you want a large or complicated site it’s going to be more expensive. 

If you need the site to be regularly updated and maintained by me, then we can talk about how much time that will require and come to an arrangement for a monthly or annual fee, but don’t worry – it will still be reasonable 🙂

If you want to have a chat, use the contact form